BullishFX Introducing Brokers (IB)

Additional services available to our clients is BullishFX IB. Introducing Brokers are people or organizations that have experience and knowledge about trading but generally are not a broker, and have a direct relationship with the client. Even if you use IB services, please remember that you are still the owner of your account and take responsibility for your trading results.

What can be done by IB to the client?

IB can offer helptoclients whentrading. IB focus on client needs and offer customer care services of primary. IB helps new clients to open and fund their accounts with BullishFX. In some circumstances, IB can offer additional financial facilities to facilitate the fund account by the client. Furthermore, IB can be a source of useful information for clients, such as the features of the trading platform. Typically, the free IB services to their clients, because IB receives compensation for those services from BullishFX. Sometimes, IB can trade on behalf of clients in a client account. However, we would ask you and your trader to make and sign a Managed Account Agreement. In BullishFX, we have a target to have a proper and qualified IB. We re-evaluate their activities permanently to ensure they continue to provide outstanding service to our clients.


Contact an IB

BullishFX management would like to draw your attention to the following.

When saving funds:

Money sender is responsible for the validity of all the details of payment documents. BullishFX shall not be liable for any errors or damage caused by incorrect information provided by the client. Transfer funds to a bank account other than that specified by BullishFX when opening your account, it can cause a loss of your money and BullishFX will not accept liability for such loss.

If you intend to work with one of our IB, partner or representative please also pay particular attention to the following points:

Check the status of IB or representative or partner and make sure they are registered with BullishFX. Make sure that the detail of the IB, representative or partner is available on our official website. BullishFX does not accept responsibility for the funds deposited directly into your bank account BullishFX.

When will withdraw funds:

BullishFX will only transfer or withdraw funds back to the bank account where the funds come from and on behalf of the original account holder.